"left in the eletronic dust along with plants" Photoshop

Matilde Silva

Graphic Designer
Adobe Photoshop

Project formerly as CYBORGTXT. December 2020.

Original creation.

Model: Taehyun from TOMORROW X TOGETHER

Link: https://twitter.com/CYBORGTXT/status/1551594592440664064?s=20&t=Dbeu3seU4brwUyaofRUdyw

left in the eletronic dust along with plants

This is the one! That one creation that made me say "wow! okay maybe i have some talent for this", the creation that made me go for it. Learned new techniques, found the type of art I like to do, I was and still am proud of this one, specially considering it was one of the very first things I've done with Photoshop.

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