🎲| A Monopoly GO! Journey

Matilde Silva

Graphic Designer
3D Modeler
Adobe Photoshop

Through the realm of Servers...

What's best to practice than coming up with situations where you can do so? Starting January 2024 I've found a Reddit community of Monopoly GO! players, actively producing content about the game for the sake of effective gameplay of users. Upon surfing the website, I found out that the same community has a Discord server, so I tried my shot there. Days after joining in, I've applied for the "mogo artist 🎨" role, specifying I've had experience with Blender and Adobe Photoshop.

And let the race begin 🏁

Accepted! though... not sure what was supposed to be done.

  • "The game has tournaments every 24 or 48 hours right?"
  • "Right..."
  • "And banners every 2 to 3 days right?
  • "Also correct!"
  • "Well then, do prize graphics for users to follow what they can earn at each step every time one of those appears."

And so did I! Be welcome to my gallery of Monopoly GO! creations.

🎲The Gallery!

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