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PackTrack is a delivery tracking manager app. The inspiration for this app came from this year’s lockdown where I found myself becoming more dependent on online shopping and various delivery services and had trouble managing these deliveries across several platforms.

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The features I wanted to include where an easy way to add tracking numbers for different orders, a clear way to see the delivery progress and the use of icons to quickly show which vendor the delivery is from.

Home Screen and Tracking

On the My Packages screen, I wanted all of the relevant information (delivery status, vendor, and approx. delivery date) to be easy to see in one view as well as easy to compare to other deliveries.

For the Tracking screens, I kept it simple so that the user can input the tracking number and the app would populate the rest of the information like vendor or status.

Calendar View, Delivery Details and Archived Orders

In the Calendar View, using different colors for different types of statuses (Delivered, In Transit, Label Created) the user can see all of their upcoming deliveries for that month in one view.

Once the user clicks onto one of the packages they are tracking, it takes them to the Delivery Details page where they are able to track its progress and current location.

The Delivery History screens is where archived deliveries can be viewed.


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