Financial Model for Bridge Financing & Equity Raise

Daniel Anderson

Financial Analyst
Business Consultant
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In developing the financial model, a thorough analysis of historical data was conducted to establish a foundational understanding of the client's performance, significantly influenced by the Covid pandemic. This analysis was crucial to comprehend the unit economics and articulate the expansion plan, facilitating the formulation of revenue, cost, and CAPEX assumptions. These assumptions were the cornerstone for projecting the client's financial statements, ensuring a realistic and robust financial forecast.

The process resulted in the creation of multiple financial models tailored to the client's specific needs and scenarios. Each model was meticulously crafted to reflect the potential financial outcomes of the expansion project, providing a comprehensive view of the future financial health of the business.

Moreover, my role extended beyond model creation; I actively participated in the deal structuring and negotiation phase with the bridge funding provider. This involvement was pivotal in securing favorable terms for the client, aligning the financial support with the projected cash flows and repayment capabilities delineated in the financial models. My contribution was instrumental in bridging the gap between the client's financial needs and the funding provisions, ensuring a successful financial arrangement to support the expansion initiative.

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