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The project aimed to evaluate the feasibility of expanding a successful pharmaceutical distributor's operations through vertical integration by investing in a new greenfield factory. The primary objective was to determine whether this investment would be viable and beneficial for the company's long-term growth. To achieve this, the following key activities were carried out:

  1. Building a Financial Model: A comprehensive financial model was developed to project the future financial performance of the new factory. This model considered various factors, including costs, revenues, market share, and potential return on investment, to assess the financial viability of the project.
  2. Feasibility Report: A detailed feasibility report was prepared, analyzing the market conditions, competitive landscape, demand forecasts, and investment requirements. This report provided a holistic view of the potential challenges and opportunities associated with the factory project.
  3. Management Presentation: Key findings from the financial model and feasibility report were compiled into a presentation for the management team. This presentation aimed to provide a concise overview of the project's potential impacts, including financial benefits and strategic advantages.
  4. Creating Loan Documents: To facilitate the financing of the project, loan documents were prepared in dual languages to meet the bank's requirements. These documents outlined the terms of the loan, repayment plans, and the financial implications for the company.

Throughout the project, the focus was on ensuring that the vertical integration would not only be feasible from a financial standpoint but also align with the company's strategic goals and market opportunities. The comprehensive analysis provided a solid foundation for decision-making, helping the management team to assess the potential risks and benefits of investing in the new factory.

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