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Capsula is a one-stop shop for capturing life's greatest events, organizing and categorizing multiple types of media, and sharing it with the people who actually care.

Without Capsula, users rely on their photo libraries or brick-and-mortar albums to archive their most prized memories. Users are constantly buying more storage space, spending too much time searching for one specific photo, and being crushed by the harmful effects of traditional social media. In order to facilitate meaningful connections and help users organize their most important memories, Capsula invested in a project to create a private media sharing experience that appeals to multigenerational users.


Our goals were to deliver an intuitive experience for creating rewarding memories with minimal effort, build a desktop companion to the existing mobile app that prioritizes the needs of mature users, lean further into the organizational element on desktop than mobile, and maintain the same quality of experience for both mobile and desktop users.


To achieve these goals, our first step was to address a prominent pain point within the mobile app: excessive keystrokes in memory creation. Based on user feedback, we reduced the number of keystrokes needed to create a memory by pulling data such as the date and. location from the imported media and auto-filling input fields that users originally needed to populate manually.

In order to maintain ease of use across generations, we created a desktop app to be used in conjunction with the existing mobile app. Most users agreed that older generations would gravitate toward the desktop version. Based on this feedback, we equipped the desktop app with large buttons, content resizing options, and text-based navigation items for added clarity. Desktop users also reported more interest in detailed organization, sorting, and filtering of media. We designed an intelligent filtering system on desktop for users to find specific media, memories, and capsules at a single click.


The end result of this project is a cohesive mobile and desktop duo that empowers multiple generations of users to document meaningful memories with ease. This includes uploading multiple types of media, filtering through media by date, location, person, and media type, and connecting over memories with select people that users have invited to their circles.


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