Luxury Skincare Visual Identity

Agneta-Camelia Petruta

Brand Designer
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Motion Designer
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Product page

In my role as a visual designer for SATIN NATUREL, I crafted a series of product page banners that not only enhanced the brand's digital presence but also enriched the online shopping experience.

My designs artfully blended the intrinsic qualities of SATIN NATUREL’s natural products with the aesthetics of their benefits, leading to an immersive visual journey for customers.

Amazon Banners In creating the Amazon banners for SATIN NATUREL, I focused on a visual strategy that blends product clarity with aesthetic appeal. The banners highlight the natural ingredients and benefits of the SATIN NATUREL range, using clean design elements and harmonious color schemes. Each banner is tailored to showcase the unique selling points of products, like the Collagen and Hyaluronic Acid supplements, making them stand out in the busy Amazon marketplace. Through these designs, I aimed to increase brand visibility, enhance customer understanding, and ultimately, drive sales.

Landing Pages In crafting the landing pages for SATIN NATUREL’s Organic Booster Set, I focused on creating an environment that encapsulates the essence of natural skincare.

Social Media Ads

The social media ads created for SATIN NATUREL were designed to capture the elegance and natural essence of their skincare line. These ads are crafted not just to inform but also to entice, providing a visual feast that echoes the quality of SATIN NATUREL products.

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