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Fatima Zehra

Creative Director
Video Producer
Content Creator
Adobe Premiere Pro

As a storyteller and aesthete, my main interests have always lied in crafting cinematic and compelling visual imagery that tells a story that resonates.

For years, my Instagram channel has been my digital creative playground where I experiment with imagery including design, photography and videography. It also allows me to express myself through words that harbour within the captions of each imagery I share.

My approach to content creation on my personal channels has always been casual. I find inspiration in the everyday and use it to fuel the production of the content. While, I ensure I follow a steady workflow when it comes to client content, my personal brand is where I let loose and allow the creativity to guide, instead of the other way around.

As a result, my personal brand is a space that I have crafted for myself where I get to experiment, fail, learn and discover- an act that is imperative to getting better in my career as a brand strategist and storyteller.

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