Boosting B&T Legal's Online Presence in the Toughest Market

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B&T Legal is a business law firm based in Denver, Colorado specializing in contract review, intellectual property protection, and business formation. Legal niche is one of the most competitive service-based niches on the web today.

I quickly began generating qualified leads for B&T Legal by leveraging their new website and competitive Denver location. As organic search traffic increased, I strategically reduced ad spend while maintaining a steady flow of high-quality leads.

  • Creating a simple, yet complete, website that showcases its unique selling proposition and incorporates SEO best practices
  • Developing a scalable, responsive content solution
  • Crafting a branding strategy that highlights the high-quality, specialized legal services provided by B&T Legal
  • Deploying cost-effective Google Ad campaigns that comply with strict legal advertising regulations
  • Tracking and analyzing data for organic growth

The SEO & Ad Campaign Results

The new website, completed in November 2023, was designed to appeal to B&T Legal's target audience. The launch of the Google Ads campaign in December 2023 led to an immediate increase in new clients.

The campaign, which ran until February 2024 with a consistent ad spend budget, achieved click-through rates (CTR) over 2x the standard rate, proving to be a great success. B&T Legal also ran Google Local Services Ads (LSA) for some time, further boosting their online visibility.


Despite the triumph of the Google Ads and LSA campaigns, B&T Legal decided to focus solely on organic traffic and SEO. By concentrating on acquiring high-quality backlinks and creating valuable content, the law firm solidified its position in the competitive legal market.

They currently rank for very competitive keywords with a domain under 6 months old.

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