Building a Budget-friendly E-commerce Web App

Daniel Filat

Web Designer
Frontend Engineer
Web Developer

We worked on a special project: building an online store for a Christian ministry's publishing house. They had a tight budget, but they still wanted a top-notch website that didn't skimp on features. Our goal was to make this happen without breaking the bank.

To do this, we chose a super-efficient tool that helped us skip over the basic setup stuff, letting us get right to the good parts. We also picked a flexible design tool that made it easy to make the site look and feel just right, matching the ministry's unique style.

We focused on being smart with our resources while making sure the website could do everything it needed to—and do it well. This way, the ministry could share their books and messages with more people, without compromising on quality or spending too much.

Our work was all about giving them a great online store that reflects what they're about, connects with their audience, and fits their budget.


  • Researched and selected technologies that best fit the needs and requirements
  • Lead the FE team
  • Worked closely with the BE lead engineer on integrating BE and FE
  • Implemented a component library that aligns with the brand's style guide

Technologies used

  • JavaScript
  • TypeScript
  • React
  • Remix
  • Chakra UI
  • Chakra Ul Pro
  • Recoil.js (atomic state management)
  • React Hook Form
  • i18next
  • Ramda (functional style alternative to lodash/underscore)
  • Zag.js
  • React Query

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