Re-building Selfridges' Product Listing Interface

Daniel Filat

Frontend Engineer
Web Developer

The client embarked on a transformative journey to upgrade from outdated technologies to a flexible, headless architecture. The initial step in this ambitious project was the modernisation of the product listing page, utilising cutting-edge technologies like React Server Components (RSC) and a headless architecture. Moreover, they aimed to establish a comprehensive set of best practices, patterns, and libraries as a blueprint for other teams facing similar upgrades.

A critical and challenging aspect of this project was the development of a versatile and robust design system. This system needed to meet the diverse requirements of various teams while maintaining a consistent look and feel across the board. Achieving this balance was no small feat, but it was accomplished with great success.

This project wasn’t just about updating technology; it was about laying down a solid foundation for future growth and innovation. Through close collaboration and a forward-thinking approach, the client has not only modernised their digital presence but also empowered their teams for easier and more cohesive future developments.


  • Improved design consistency and DX by implementing a token-based design system
  • Improved interaction and communication between designers and engineers
  • Helped streamline the process of implementing Ul/UX designs
  • Helped onboarding other teams to contribute to a common design system implementation
  • Helped lay the foundation for a component library that meets cross-team requirements
  • Worked closely with design team to improve UI/UX implementation

Technologies used

  • Typescript
  • React
  • Next.js (app router)
  • React Server Components (RSC)
  • Styled Components
  • Style Dictionary (Amazon)
  • Storybook
  • Radix
  • Design tokens
  • GraphQL (Apollo Client)
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