Lethub AI Real Estate CRM

Muhammad Faizan Khan

Fullstack Engineer
Software Architect

Live URL : https://lethub.co

AI Powered Real Estate Chatbot

For Lethub, I built them AI powered Real estate chatbot which ultimately reduced the property managers time spent on verifying the leads, booking the showings and answering their a lot of questions regarding the property.

SaaS Based Powerful CRM

A highly secure and scalable SaaS based CRM was also delivered to them which allow property managers to upload their property and units, add amenities, make them pet friendly or add pet related policy, add other policies as well. The data they provide will then be fed to AI chatbot so that it can answer the questions to clients easily. They can onboard their team members, attach calendars and also automate the email responses via their Gmail or Outlook mailbox as well.

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