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The Client

A local non-profit organisation who supports people who have experienced domestic violence, especially in finding homes for their animals during such a difficult time. For people who experience domestic violence, having a pet at home can make the decision to leave even harder, and my client gives people the peace of mind that their pets are safe by offering foster homes and finding volunteers to temporarily give them a loving home.

The Problem

As with many nonprofits, finding supporters to help them continue their important work is key to their success. After the pandemic, they had seen an increase in people requiring their services which meant they needed more volunteers in specific areas around the US, as well as donations to help to create a purpose built boarding facility for cats and dogs.

The Outcome

The first stage of my work was to apply for the Google Ad Grant on behalf of the organisation. After submitting the required information, and supporting my client in making the necessary changes to their website to ensure they were eligible, they were awarded the full $10,000 per month advertising grant.

We discussed in detail their marketing goals and created a number of Google Ads search campaigns to help achieve these, ensuring these were built with the specific structure and policies of the programme in mind.Within 2 months of the campaigns going live, the client was consistently spending the daily budget and overshooting the necessary performance levels for compliance. Over 4000 users were driven to the site, increasing their overall site traffic by 43.6%, helping them to increase brand awareness and advertise their services to those who need it most. Over 250 conversions were tracked, attracting new volunteers, donors and service users.

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