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Aakash Das

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- Registration and login system with email validation.

- Seamless API integrations with various real estate platforms.

- Utilization of web scraping to extract messages from different real estate platforms.

- Feature-rich mailbox including read/unread message management, message categorization, and labeling options.

- Webhook processing capabilities for enhanced functionality.

- Fast property searches facilitated by high-performance REST APIs.

- Additional property-related services such as photography and cleaning available.

- Support for exporting data in CSV/Excel formats.

- Automated invoice generation for streamlined transactions.

- Localisation support for both English and German languages.


Homesy, a leading German real estate marketplace, embarked on a mission to revolutionize property management with its innovative platform. By synchronizing listings across various platforms and centralizing communication, Homesy aimed to streamline the real estate experience for both buyers and sellers.


In a competitive real estate market, managing listings and communication efficiently posed significant challenges. Buyers struggled to find relevant properties, while sellers faced difficulties in managing inquiries and transactions across different platforms. Homesy recognized the need for a solution that would simplify these processes and enhance user experience.


Homesy implemented a comprehensive suite of features to address these challenges. With a user-friendly registration and login system, seamless API integrations, and advanced web scraping capabilities, Homesy enabled smooth synchronization of listings and centralized communication. Its feature-rich mailbox, webhook processing, and fast property searches empowered users with efficient communication and quick access to relevant properties.

Additionally, Homesy offered additional property-related services and support for data export and invoice generation, further streamlining transactions. The platform's localization support ensured a seamless experience for users in both English and German languages.


The implementation of Homesy yielded remarkable results for both buyers and sellers. Users experienced enhanced convenience and efficiency in property search and management. With streamlined communication and transaction processes, Homesy significantly reduced turnaround times and improved overall user satisfaction.


Property search results
Property search screen
Property details like location, energy efficient etc

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