TASS | Integrated Ticket Management

Aakash Das

Frontend Engineer
Fullstack Engineer
Software Engineer


- Lightning-fast REST APIs ensuring responses in under 200 milliseconds.

- Seamlessly integrated with a diverse array of third-party platforms.

- Streamlined email-to-ticket workflow for efficient communication handling.

- In-app communication workflow enhancing collaboration and problem resolution.

- Modern, intuitive user interface for an enhanced user experience.


TASS, a cutting-edge ticket management platform, revolutionised the customer support landscape for Company X. By seamlessly integrating with diverse systems, TASS offered a centralised solution for efficient ticket handling.


Company X faced the challenge of managing customer support across multiple channels. The lack of a unified system led to inefficiencies, delays, and inconsistencies in ticket resolution. They needed a solution to streamline their support operations and enhance customer satisfaction.


Implementing TASS allowed Company X to consolidate their ticket management process. Its integration capabilities enabled seamless communication between various platforms, providing agents with a unified view of customer tickets. The intuitive interface and workflow automation simplified ticket resolution and improved response times.


With TASS in place, Company X witnessed significant improvements in their customer support operations. Response times were reduced, ticket resolution became more efficient, and customer satisfaction scores soared. The centralized system enhanced collaboration among support teams and provided actionable insights for continuous improvement.


Integrated ticket page with infinite scrolling

In app reply for external tickets

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