🌍 Global Banking Insights: Visualizing 2023 Total Assets

Zain Manna

Data Visualizer
Data Analyst

Project Objective:

The objective of this project was to analyze and visualize the total assets of the world's largest banks for the year 2023, providing insights into the global banking landscape and distribution of financial powerhouses across different regions.

Project Description:

Using Tableau, I created an interactive dashboard that showcases three main visualizations:

  • Bar Chart: Displays the total assets of banks grouped by country, offering a comparative view of top banking countries based on asset size.
  • Map: Illustrates the global distribution of banks by total assets, allowing users to explore the financial strength of different regions at a glance.
  • Treemap: Provides a detailed breakdown of total assets by country and individual banks, facilitating deeper insights into the hierarchy of assets within each country's banking sector.

The dashboard includes interactive features such as a country filter, enabling users to explore specific regions and understand variations in banking assets across different countries.

Project Tools:

  • Tableau: Used for data visualization and dashboard creation.

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