Mobile App Design - Jump-in-front Camera

Ljubomir Bardžić

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When I joined this project this was an existing app called Ghost Photo. Due to the name the app was being confused with apps that claim to take actual ghost photos, so it needed a new name and a redesign with the focus being on making it easy to set up the camera to take photos of you in set time intervals. Target audience for the app are young people leading an active lifestyle.

As this was an existing app the first step was to analyze the flow and overall aesthetic appeal of the app. After that my job was to simplify the process as much as possible and make it intuitive for the users, as well as improve the visual appeal of the entire app. The most important part of the project was designing the onboarding flow that ensures a smooth experience for the user.

Client feedback:

"Ljubomir, creates reliably great UX designs. He quickly effortlessly takes rough UI and converts it into polished/sleek UX. I've learned quite a few tactics for solving different UI problems from him. He is very dedicated and wants to see projects through. He even looked at an old and closed project and handed me an additional graphic for it. He goes out of his way to learn new information and stay current about UX design and Android."

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