Streamlined BOM Cost Optimization with Power Automate

Diogo Silva

Microsoft Power Automate

Project Description

I showcase a transformative project aimed at revolutionizing budgeting processes within organizations. Leveraging Power Automate, I developed a dynamic workflow to streamline cost optimization for Bill of Materials (BOM). By harnessing product component specifications and APIs to search vendor websites, the flow retrieves real-time pricing, availability, and pacing data, reducing budgeting time from 15 days to just 1.5 hours. This innovative solution empowers companies to make swift, informed decisions and achieve significant cost savings.

Through this project, I have showcased my expertise in leveraging technology to optimize processes, drive efficiency, and deliver measurable value to organizations seeking to enhance their financial management practices.

Key Achievements

  • Developed a robust Power Automate flow to extract and analyze BOM data efficiently.
  • Integrated APIs seamlessly to search vendor websites, retrieving crucial pricing and availability information.
  • Implemented logic to compare vendor offerings and select the most cost-effective options for budget allocation.
  • Successfully reduced budgeting time from 15 days to 1.5 hours, enhancing operational efficiency and financial agility.
  • Delivered comprehensive training to stakeholders, ensuring smooth adoption and utilization of the automated process.


  • Demonstrated ability to drive substantial improvements in budgeting processes, enhancing financial efficiency.
  • Empowered organizations with timely insights and cost-effective solutions for informed decision-making.
  • Contributed to the optimization of financial management practices, fostering better budgetary control and resource allocation.
  • Highlighted proficiency in leveraging automation tools like Power Automate to address complex business challenges and drive tangible results.

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