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Jacquelyn Demshick

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This project involved creating a new website that felt coherent with Connected Coaching’s mission. Connected Coaching is the company of a woman who offers life coaching and Equus coaching with the goal of creating a connection to yourself, to others, and to the Earth.

Problem & Solution

I solved the problem of the disconnect between the mission of the company and the website through thoughtful conversation and using visual aids to ensure the owner and I were on the same page. I also achieved the owner’s goal of creating somewhere that allowed people to learn who she is, what she offers, and a way to contact her.


After a discovery call, I made a list of all the needs of my client. I used that list to make 3 wireframes that met her needs. I learned that presenting clients with a high-resolution prototype first, doesn’t allow them to evaluate the functionality easily. After walking her through the wireframes she chose a layout for me to continue designing.

Mood Boards

After discussing the aesthetic my client was going for, I created some mood boards to make sure we were on the same page. Everyone has different interpretations of words, however, showing a visual allows the client to see what their words mean to you.


After choosing a layout and a style, I presented some high resolutions prototypes. The client chose the design below. By using mood boards, wireframes, and listening carefully to my client’s needs, I was able to design a website she was excited about. The website will be going live in a month.

Alternate Designs

Below are some other website designs that were designed to give my client options.


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