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D&R Blinds is a company that offers custom window treatments and blinds. They approached us with the goal of re-branding while also improving the overall design and performance of their website.

Our Solution

We began by completely redesigning the website to be more visually appealing and user-friendly, while also creating a cohesive branding strategy. We then built the new website using Webflow, a platform that allows for efficient and responsive web design.

During the development process, we also focused on improving the website’s speed. We conducted a performance audit and identified areas for improvement. We implemented strategies such as image compression, minification of CSS and JavaScript files, caching, and webflows powerful hosting and CDN to address these issues.


"We are so impressed with our new website. It has so much more content and photos and even loads in under 1 second!”.

Cloud Liu – Managing Director

As a result of these efforts, the website’s load time was greatly reduced to under 0.8 seconds. This not only enhanced the user experience for D&R Blinds’ customers, but it also had a positive impact on the company’s search engine rankings.

The revamped website, combined with the new brand we created, helped to increase online sales for D&R Blinds. The company was extremely satisfied with the end result and the improved performance of their website.


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