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UI Designer
Figma SaaS platform catering to marketers and SMMs, offering comprehensive tracking of social media posts with a focus on impressions and metrics. The website exudes a fun, bubbly, and youthful vibe, featuring a character to guide users through every step.


Successfully rebranded and revitalised the platform, enhancing Western market visibility, and increasing user engagement. The lively character and improved user experience contributed to a more vibrant and recognisable product in the SaaS industry.


- The existing platform "Social Display" lacked recognition in the Western world.

- Marketers and SMMs were unaware of the platform's existence due to ineffective branding and a lifeless character.

What I did

- Conducted a brand workshop to understand client needs and establish brand direction.

- Employed AI in a naming exercise to create a fresh brand identity.

- Explored various branding directions.

- Developed comprehensive branding guidelines after finalising the new logo.

- Created UX wireframes to redefine the product structure.

- Prototyped screens. 

- Utilised new branding elements to design the UI.

- Established a design system incorporating all components.

- Conducted live user testing with recorded feedback.

- Conducted final audits post implementation of user feedback.

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