Showroom – VR/AR website for an on-demand design studio

Petra Smolcic

AR/VR Developer
UX Designer
UI Designer
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Rehab released – Showroom is a VR/AR website for a on-demand design studio.

The goal was to understand and build user experience for the designer's potential clients while telling a story on a website featuring his best work. We wanted to create something unique, out of the box and a bit more spacious. This is how I dived into VR/AR experience.


The website has 3 parts:

Showroom which is the homepage and helps the user navigate though the website

Technology and Photonic room - dedicated rooms with products

Product Modals - "landing pages" for each of the product that are easly accessible though the rooms

The website was developed using a JS library but as things got too complicated, we transferred it to the development team, me then focusing on animation and UI consulting to create the most similar user experience to a virtual showcase.

A dark theme dominates through the website, emphasizing the intimacy and luxury of interior design. It was made primarily for desktop devices. Animations and carefully chosen tone have achieved the effect of interactivity through which the page tells the story.

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