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Petra Smolcic

UX Researcher
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Product Discovery

Project Overview

Tvrdava Kulture Sibenik holds 4 forts where events take place. One can buy a ticket for events. The client was not sure what they wanted but they kept repeating the same problem:  "too many mistakes are made by human hand". In order to figure out all the mistakes and see what they actually need, we arranged a discovery workshop where we came up with a solution to their problem.

My Contributions

I was the main lead designer for this project. For this, I've facilitated and organized  the discovery workshop that helped them and us figure out what they need. As part of the project, I've developed a custom kick-off questionnaire that they've done to prepare the kick-off. This was already on the entrance once they visited our Split, Croatia office.

Our first workshop was facilitated here! How cool is that?!


To understand at least what it is about to be able to choose the methods we need in the workshop, I have sent the clients a quick form to introduce them to the workshop and what will we be doing.‍The questions aren't that specific but they are a part of my Kick-off questions I always use. As we already know a bit about their problem from the first talk we had with them, we knew we can ask some more specific questions.

User needs vs. actual solution

Their idea was to build a completely custom software for them that will be able to connect all of their fortresses and ticketing systems,  print all the invoicesconnect all the cash registers, etc.After the workshop, we've sat together as the product team and talked that it makes sense not to reinvent the wheel but rather help them find an existing solution and serve as technical consultant on the way to their digitalization.‍What we could offer from the technical side was a centralized API that would send data between all systems. This way we have reduced the development time and most importantly we will not get ourselves and client into a costly project.

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