Social Influence for a MENA factory

Andrew Kass

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The Project

In late 2023 I took into work a prominent steel products factory in the Middle East, specializing in construction and electrical industry goods, aimed to elevate their social influence and amplify brand awareness in LinkedIn;

Goals Set, Goals Achieved

Publications about factory and products, public events and engaging the audience with interesting facts.

Most Popular Publications garnering over 1400 impressions, dozens of clicks, achieving a stellar 5% Click-Through Rate (CTR).

+8% New Followers on LinkedIn Page;

+ 42% Page Views;

+ 36% Unique Visitors

Helping with Your Social

I adore social networks and transform them into vibrant hubs of your success:

Holistic Approach: From crafting compelling content to conquering SEO, devising content strategies, and orchestrating pay-per-click campaigns, I will be your one-stop-shop for social prowess in LinkedInFacebook and Twitter.

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