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Rodrigo Lamadrid

Content Writer
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Overview 🔎

Irys is an app that makes collaboration between communities and their stakeholders more efficient.

Communities can send feedback to organizations seamlessly through messages, photos, and videos using Irys. All feedback is automatically converted into tasks assigned to specific stakeholders within the organization so they can solve a particular problem.

With this in mind, I wrote the copy for Irys' landing page to convey this in a concise and effective way to their target users.

🏁 The Starting Point

The previous copy in Irys' landing page was too generic, far-fetched, and didn't really highlight the app's virtues as a problem-solving companion for community members. Needless to say, this made it hard for people to identify Irys as a tool to communicate with their community leaders and solve everyday's problems with.

🥅 The Goal(s): • To convey Irys' mission and ability as a tool for communities to get rid of the friction between members and stakeholders. • To make the copy clear, concise, and actionable. • To instill playfulness in the landing page's messages that users can identify Irys with.

Process ✍️

For me to get familiar with Irys and write something faithful to its mission, I read Irys' brand kit, watched real user-interviews, and even skimmed through all the app's mockups in Figma for inspiration.

After truly understanding what Irys was meant for and who it was designed for, I dived into my studio and started working on the copy. 💪🏽

Results 🎁

The client was delighted with the result, since the final copy made clear what the problems the product solved were and the benefits for both the companies and communities who use it as a bridge to seamlessly interact with their members.

Rodrigo is an excellent copywriter and communicator, both in English and Spanish. He presented his work in a very organized and detailed format. The interactions we had were very professional, friendly, and very responsive. I recommend and will collaborate with him without a doubt if needed in the future! 🗣

Eduardo Moreno Product Manager

Takeaways 📣

I thoroughly enjoyed working on this project for Irys. It helped fuel my passion as a copywriter specializing in technology and in helping companies convey the value behind products meant to solve real-world problems and that prioritize users through their design.


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