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Different from Marketers, whose primary focus lies in brand awareness and acquisition, Growth Marketers will conduct iterative research to apply data-driven strategies to different channels and platforms to grow a brand’s target audience from start to finish. Growth Marketers will help you identify where you’re stalling in your strategy, work outside the box to grow your business, and optimize your marketing spend.

How Freelance Growth Marketers can grow your business

Driven by data, Growth Marketers help brands to utilize different channels and unique strategies to help grow their business and create a community of committed users. With the help of a Growth Marketer working alongside your team, they’ll gather insights from A/B testing, SEO optimization, and technical analysis to identify where your business can grow based on the market channel your brand is in.

A Growth Marketer are often experts in:

  • Optimizing landing pages and email funnels by running A/B tests,
  • Exploring new marketing channels to help grow your business and ensure each of those channels have their own strategies, and
  • Scaling paid digital spend efficiently to identify which market channels are working, and which ones aren’t to make sure you’re spending your money in the right places. 💸

How a Freelance Growth Marketer helps your startup at any stage

With an Independent Growth Marketer, they help keep an eye out for opportunities and come up with out-of-the-box strategies that can grow your business. If you’re unsure about hiring a Growth Marketer full-time, hiring an Independent is a great way to get a taste of what their workflow is like, and you can have conversations with them if you want to extend the project period or onboard them as a full-timer in the future.

Here are some more reasons why you’d want to hire an Independent Growth Marketer ⤵️

  • To build and ship new strategies — Having their expertise during the beginning stages of your business ensure that new strategies will be shipped before you know it.
  • Build consistency — During the later stages of your business, Independent Growth Marketers can help each part of your marketing strategy stay consistent while researching the audiences that come to specific channels.
  • Creative solutions — Growth Marketers often work with a small budget, so they can offer fresh and creative ideas to solve hard-hitting problems. While testing in small increments, they will give you the confidence to invest in new marketing channels.

When to source a Freelance Growth Marketer

Growth isn’t always linear! With an Independent Growth Marketer, they can combine your brand’s values with business goals to create strategies that are tailored to different stakeholders of your business. Whether it be optimizing yourSEO strategy, changing launch-day copy, or even ideating a video concept, Growth Marketers work out-of-the-box and aren’t scared to try new strategies.

  • They'll identify where you're stalling — Juggling between different platforms to market your business but not seeing much success? With an Independent Growth Marketer, they can use their research skills to identify why your strategy is coming up on a roadblock and help you find new channels to start up growth again.
  • Market strategies, unknown — If you have a product launch coming soon, but don’t have any idea how and where to market it, don’t worry! With their expertise in different markets, Independent Growth Marketers will be able to identify how to adhere and deliver relevant content to the audiences you’re targeting.
  • If you’re stretched too thin — It’s common to wear multiple hats during the early stages of your business. If you’re stretched too thin and notice that you aren't dedicating as much time as you'd like towards growth, an Independent can help you get to where you need.

To learn more about how to work with an Independent, check out our Best Practices guide! ⭐

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