SEPA Payments Beta on Contra

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Olivia Jones
· 1 min read

Contra continues its commitment to enhancing your client journey by introducing a new payment option – Single Euro Payments Area (SEPA).


SEPA payments are a solution for high-value projects. Their capped fee structure offers transparency and cost-effectiveness, as SEPA transactions incur a flat fee of $6.

How to Access SEPA on Contra

To access the SEPA beta, send a request to Our Client Success team will review and respond. Once approved, you'll be able to add your bank account as a seamless payout method for your transactions.

Stripe Fees for Credit Cards

While SEPA offers capped fees, we acknowledge the preference for credit card transactions. Contra has integrated with Stripe to process credit card payments with fees ranging from 2-5%.

What's Next?

Elevate your payment experience on Contra by reaching out to to request access to the SEPA beta program. Say farewell to unpredictable fees and usher in a new era of seamless SEPA payments!

Olivia Jones
Community Operator @ Contra
My name is Olivia and I am passionate about building and supporting communities and making sure that all Contra community members have the best possible experience

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