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Learn how to become an entrepreneur in six easy steps. Plus, check out eight pro tips and tricks for entrepreneurial success.

Behind every groundbreaking innovation, there’s a successful entrepreneur challenging the status quo. Entrepreneurship is a creative road to success, which, while growing in popularity, requires ingenuity, courage, and tenacity. It’s not for the faint of heart. This comprehensive guide explains how to become an entrepreneur and the enticing reasons to consider doing so. We’ll provide essential guidance to kickstart your entrepreneurial journey, including a treasure trove of entrepreneurship tips and resources to help you unlock an endless world of professional opportunities. 

Why you should become an entrepreneur 🏅 

Becoming a business owner is so much more than just changing jobs. Launching your own business is a transformation that extends beyond accomplishments into your mindset. It’s a metamorphosis that means having the freedom to create, innovate, and change the world around you –– all while evolving yourself. You need to build the courage to take risks and stay afloat through challenges.  

There are several benefits to being an entrepreneur: 

  • Autonomy: When you run your own business, you have the power to directly shape the course and impact of your life. 
  • Creativity: Becoming an entrepreneur allows you to fully unleash your individuality and originality and bring your unique ideas to life.
  • Financial freedom: The answer to “how to become an entrepreneur with no money” or “how to be financially successful as an entrepreneur” is neither subjective nor guaranteed. But ditching your 9–5 job to launch a start-up and work on your passion has the potential for significant monetary gains.  

But sometimes, entrepreneurship can be exhausting and has its pitfalls. Here are some: 

  • Financial risk: Often, start-ups require significant upfront funding that may not yield profits immediately. 
  • Work-life balance: Entrepreneurs and their teams often work long hours, negatively impacting hobbies, socializing, and personal well-being. 
  • Uncertainty and stress: The entrepreneurial journey can be unpredictable, which can lead to stress. 

That said, entrepreneurship is a journey of personal growth. Even amid the potential skepticism and pressure, a certain thrill and fulfillment come from building something of your own. 

How to be a successful entrepreneur: 6 steps ⭐

As you navigate the path to becoming an entrepreneur, having a clear roadmap is essential. This roadmap will guide you through any obstacles, uncertainties, and challenges to help turn your entrepreneurial dream into a tangible reality.  

To become a successful entrepreneur, follow these six steps:  

1- Learn some business basics 👔 

Every entrepreneurial journey begins with understanding the fundamentals of running a business, including financial management, marketing, sales, and operations. Education for entrepreneurs includes taking courses, reading relevant books, and learning tricks and tips from entrepreneurs in your field. Continuous learning empowers you to make informed decisions.  

2- Brainstorm start-up ideas 📃 

Identify ideas for profitable businesses. Successful businesses have something in common — they solve problems or fulfill needs. Whether it’s a product, service, or innovative solution to an existing issue, the idea must have the potential to thrive in today’s busy, competitive market. 

3- Find a niche market 🏢 

Once you have a solid business plan, identify an underserved niche market. Cater your unique offering to this market’s specific needs (which mainstream businesses may not address). Find and fill this kind of gap to establish a loyal customer base and generate demand. And don’t forget to come up with a unique brand name.  

4- Plan your finances and raise money 🤑 

Investing in starting a business is often costly. Evaluate your finances to determine how much money you can afford to invest and how much money you need from other sources. Then, explore fundraising options to gather additional capital. To generate investment funds, consider bootstrapping, taking out a small business grant, SBA loan, loan, or microloan, and seeking angel investors, venture capitalists, or crowdfunding.  

5- Connect with other entrepreneurs 🤝 

Networking is crucial and often rewarding. Connect with other professionals to share experiences, learn from their journeys, and ask questions. Join Contra’s Slack community — a supportive platform for meeting like-minded individuals and receiving entrepreneurial guidance.  

6- Market your business 💻

Lastly, devise a robust marketing strategy to offer your products and services. Use traditional and digital marketing tactics, like billboards and social media, to reach your target market, generate interest, and drive sales. Adapt and optimize your strategy based on market trends and performance.  

8 tips for success 🙌 

Embarking on your entrepreneurial journey is exciting, uncertain, challenging, fun –– we could go on and on. As you transition from a traditional job to the dynamic role of leading a business, you’ll need tried-and-true businessperson tips and strategies to set you up for success. Here are eight practical ones: 

  1. Be resilient: How you respond to challenges and setbacks is super important. Keep pushing forward, and think of failures as learning opportunities that are stepping stones to success. And speaking of learning…
  2. Embrace learning: Entrepreneurship is all about ongoing learning. Stay curious, constantly seek knowledge, and strive to understand every aspect of your business. 
  3. Build a strong network: Establish and foster relationships with other entrepreneurs, industry experts, and potential customers. These connections are often a wealth of insight, advice, and opportunities. 
  4. Find a mentor: Seek mentorship from someone who has successfully walked the entrepreneurial path, and ask them for guidance along the way. And if you happen to find someone who is a pioneer of your niche, you can even learn about your market’s hidden nitties and gritties.  
  5. Focus on your customers: Your business exists to improve your customers’ lives, so you should always keep them at the heart of your decisions. Do your best to understand their needs and deliver exceptional value.
  6. Prioritize your finances: Sound financial management is crucial for staying afloat. Monitor your cash flow closely, make prudent financial decisions, and seek professional advice. 
  7. Value your team: If you have a team, create a positive work environment by making your employees feel valued, validated, and nurtured. Never underestimate the power of investing in happy, motivated staff to spread the word about your business.
  8. Take care of yourself: Neglecting self-care is easy when you’re focused on running a business. Carve out daily or weekly time in your schedule to rest and recharge.

Frequently asked questions 💭  

If you’re an aspiring entrepreneur, chances are you’ve got some questions. To help demystify your decision-making process, we’ve addressed a handful of frequently asked entrepreneurship-related questions. 

How can I effectively market my business? 🎙️

To effectively market your business, you must understand your target audience, craft a compelling message, and choose the right avenues for reaching them. Popular strategies to explore include social media advertising, search engine optimization, content marketing, email marketing, and promotional materials like brochures, business cards, and apparel. 

Should I find a partner? 👫

The answer to this question depends on two things: your personal preference and the nature of your business. While going solo gives you more (or total) control, a cofounder offers additional expertise, shares the workload and financial burden, and provides emotional support.

What distinguishes an entrepreneur from a freelancer? 🧑‍💻 

An entrepreneur tackles the financial risks of starting and running a business. A freelancer is an independent professional who trades their skills for income, often working on multiple projects (and for multiple clients) simultaneously.

What legal considerations should I be aware of? 🧑‍⚖️ 

If you’re starting a business, you may already know the legal requirements. Depending on where you live, these include choosing the proper business structure, understanding tax obligations, securing necessary licenses and permits, and protecting intellectual property. 

How do I know if my business idea is viable? 🤔 

Fundable business ideas solve a problem or meet a need, appeal to a significant market, and have the potential to generate profit. To find out if your idea makes the cut, conduct thorough market research to understand industry trends and potential competitors.  

Build your remote team on Contra 🤩 

If you want to build a remote team of Independents for your at-home business, look no further than Contra. We’ll connect you with freelancers with skills specifically tailored to your start-up’s needs who are ready and waiting to join you on your journey.  

With Contra, you also have the unique opportunity to match with clients worldwide and manage your clients and business online, entirely commission-free. With a determined spirit, the right guidance, and a supportive community, there’s no limit to what you can achieve. 

Contra’s State of Independence Report 2021 🙌

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