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Leslie Gonzales
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Contra x Forbes

Jon Younger, contributor at Forbes, goes over important statistics from Contra’s State of Independence Report.

Written by Jon Younger - June 15, 2021

Jon Younger, contributor at Forbes, dives deeper into Contra's State of Independence Report in his article, "How Do High Earning Freelancers See The Future Of Independent Work? The Contra Report".

Younger goes over six key takeaways of the State of Independence in his article:

  • Freelancers are "looking for good work, good money, and a balanced life"
  • "Successful freelancers manage a portfolio of work" to highlight their best skills and talents
  • The relationship between freelancers and clients is "...evolving and maturing"
  • It's important for freelancers to "...keep [their] skills sharp and up to date"
  • "2021 was... the year of career independence"
  • The world of freelance work is attracting more people everyday
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