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Hey, aspiring freelance writer! You've got the chops, you've got the passion, and you've got your laptop open and ready to write. Now...where exactly do you turn those words floating around in your head into money?

The world of freelance writing is vast, with new opportunities popping up all the time. But it can be tricky to navigate and find the sites that will actually pay you fairly for your work. That's why we put together this list of 17 of the best freelance writer websites, from beginner-friendly sites to help writer novices learn the ropes - to more prestigious publications with high pay to build your business. 💼

Whether you're an experienced journalist looking to go independent or just starting out building your portfolio, you'll discover outlets seeking writers of all backgrounds. And by pitching to the sites that suit your skills, you can start earning money doing what you love - transforming ideas into words that the world loves to read (and pay for!)

First things first - what to look for in a freelance writing website 🤔

Before diving into the sites themselves, let's go over a few key factors to evaluate as you search for promising freelance writing opportunities online:

  • Payment terms - What is their pay rate? When/how do they pay out - per word, per article, per month? Do they pay writers fairly and on time? You want to feel valued as a contributor.
  • Editorial standards - Evaluate the caliber of writing published and any writer guidelines. Higher quality publications often mean better paying gigs and impressive portfolio pieces.
  • Subject matter - Consider if the themes align with your expertise and interests. The best fit sites relate to your niche.
  • Volume of opportunities - Bigger publications and platforms equal more chances to pitch articles. You want consistency to prevent dry spells.
  • Reputation - Read writer testimonials and search ratings. The experiences of fellow freelancers reveal if an outlet is ethical and professional.

With criteria like rates, topics, credentials, and values clarified early when assessing writing websites, you can zero in on the ones offering the best fit. Then comes the fun part...actually pitching to get your work published!

Our top 17 websites for freelance writing jobs

Okay, now the good part - whether you are a novice content writer or an experienced freelance writer, having the right sites at your disposal can save you a ton of time and headaches. We've pulled together a list of the top 17 freelance job sites that you can browse today to start finding work.

General freelance marketplaces 💼

There was once a time when finding a freelance role meant cold calling, emailing, and networking events. And while these things are still important today, freelance marketplaces have revolutionized the way freelancers find work.

Joining vetted communities, building a portfolio with reviews, and setting up job alerts on these marketplaces can help you connect with clients quickly.

1. Contra

Are you on the hunt for high pay and long-term writing jobs in a saturated market? Skip those sites that pay pennies and connect with clients who are ready to pay top dollar for quality content on Contra.

The Contra freelance marketplace allows you to create a profile and showcase your writing skills, making it easy for clients to find and hire you. And with AI-powered portfolios, you can put your best foot forward to draw in long-term clients who are ready to pay top dollar for your content writing or website copy. (And did we mention that there are ZERO commission fees with Contra? 🤯)

2. Upwork

Freelancers can find a range of writing jobs on Upwork, including content writing, copywriting, and even technical writing. The platform allows you to set your own rates and search for jobs based on your skills and experience.

Upwork uses a "bid" system for writing jobs, meaning you can submit proposals for jobs that interest you and negotiate a price with the client. However, Upwork does charge a commission fee on your earnings.

3. Fiverr

While Upwork focuses on pitching and bidding on jobs, Fiverr lets you set up "gigs" with packages and pricing. This platform can be good for beginners, but it can also be competitive - as the site is known for its low-cost services. Fiverr also takes a 20% commission on all gigs, so keep that in mind when setting your prices.

4. Freelancer ( Similar to Upwork, features projects and contests for writers to find work. It offers a range of categories for writers to choose from, including article writing, ghostwriting, copywriting, and more.

Freelancer also offers paid memberships for access to additional features such as early bidding and highlighted profiles.

5. Guru

Guru connects you with clients seeking writers, designers, programmers, and experts in a variety of skills.

While Guru welcomes all writers, they do take a cut of earnings. However, the volume of corporate writing jobs can help build your business. If you want steady technical, marketing, or business-focused projects, Guru provides consistent global connections.

6. PeoplePerHour

With hundreds of writing gigs posted daily across every industry, PPH makes it easy to find paid projects matching your niche. Use the site to filter opportunities by skill, rate, location, and more.

Once you spot an interesting writing gig, submit a custom proposal for the client to review. If they accept, collaborate through  PeoplePerHour to deliver exceptional work.

While you keep 100% of your earnings, PPH does charge clients a service fee.

Niche-specific freelance writing sites ✍️

While the above sites offer tons of jobs, niche-specific freelance writing sites are worth checking out too.

These platforms cater specifically to certain industries or types of writing, making it easier to find relevant and high-paying projects.

7. ProBlogger Job Board

With its focus on advanced blogging opportunities, the ProBlogger Job Board attracts clients seeking top-notch writers to create in-depth blog content, whitepapers, eBooks, and more.

The jobs here appeal to writers who love flexing their long-form muscles. Expect to find more intensive writing projects often centered around hot blogging niches like finance, marketing, business, and technology.

Many opportunities involve working directly for popular blogs and affiliate marketing sites. So if you enjoy keeping up with the latest trends to craft compelling blog posts and guides, ProBlogger should be on your radar.

8. Wordbrew

Do you like to write website copy and blogs? WordBrew is a new freelance writing platform connecting businesses with a collective of 200+ pre-vetted writers across every industry. But where Wordbrew is different is its focus on empowering writers to create high-quality "hybrid" content.

What is hybrid content? The creative collaboration between human writing experts and AI tools. As a writer for Wordbrew, you bring your niche knowledge to shape computer-generated drafts into strategic, impactful content that ranks and converts.

With a focus on subject matter specialization, WordBrew looks for writers passionate about specific verticals like tech, healthcare, e-commerce, and more. The selective application process ensures only genuine industry experts join the collective. This means writers can expect stimulating projects fine-tuned to their expertise from notable brands.

9. Contently

Contently connects business clients with their team of pre-vetted creative talent spanning writers, editors, photographers, videographers, designers, and more. Once you create an account and pass their vetting, you'll be in the running to take on their content projects.

With a focus on custom assignments rather than general content, Contently gigs appeal to writers who enjoy research-driven challenges. The integrated Contently platform also makes collaborating with clients smooth.

Note that Contently charges brands a service fee, so the writing rates offered may be less than the direct-to-client freelancer market value.

10. BloggingPro

Similar to ProBlogger, BloggingPro is a job board specifically for writers and content creators. The site offers a variety of opportunities, including freelance writing gigs, blogging jobs, editing positions, and more.

Aside from blogging jobs, BloggingPro also has listings for social media managers, SEO specialists, and other related positions. With its clean layout and wide range of job options, BloggingPro is worth checking out for any content creator.

11. MediaBistro

Are you a writer who wants to build a career in marketing or media industries? Enjoy good ad copy and creating engaging content? MediaBistro offers a variety of job opportunities for writers with a focus on the marketing and media industries. The company has an expansive reach in some of the larger media companies - so as you build your career, you may be able to make a jump to a lead marketing manager or media director role.

MediaBistro's job listings include freelance, contract, and full-time positions. They also offer resources for freelancers, including online courses and events, to help you stay up-to-date on the latest trends in marketing and media. With its focus on these specific industries, MediaBistro is a great platform for writers who want to niche down and build a strong portfolio in this area.

12. WriterAccess

Writer Access is an online content writer marketplace that helps businesses and brands find subject matter experts to create high-quality content. When you join their community, you can gain access to their growing client base and have the chance to work on a variety of projects in different industries.

What sets Writer Access apart is their focus on SEO writing - so if you love a good search ranking puzzle, this site can help you sharpen your skills. They also offer resources and training for their writers, helping you stay on top of the latest SEO techniques and best practices.

13. iwriter

Another company that connects writers with jobs (without the client communication hassle) is iwriter. They offer a wide range of writing opportunities, from blog posts and product descriptions to e-books and press releases.

One unique aspect of iwriter is their tier system for writers - so the more you write and the happier the clients, the more likely they are to give you higher-paying assignments. They also provide feedback and ratings for their writers, helping you improve your craft.

14. Textbroker

Textbroker is a popular content marketplace that connects writers with clients looking for high-quality written content - similar to iwriter. They offer a variety of writing opportunities, from clients looking for you to write website copy to those needing product descriptions or blog posts.

One of the biggest advantages of Textbroker is its easy-to-use platform, which allows you to browse and claim assignments that suit your writing style and expertise.

"They are what they are" - freelance writing job boards 🧑‍💻

If you want to find jobs without having to get vetted as part of a larger community, sometimes a good ol' job board is the way to go. While these sites may not have as many resources or training opportunities as other sites, they do offer a wide range of writing opportunities for all levels of experience. Other content sites such as textbroker, flexjobs, and iwriter fall into this list as well, but hey - we have to cut it off somewhere!

15. The LinkedIn Job Board

More than just a professional social media site, LinkedIn is a great place to find freelance writing or content writer jobs. Just jump on their search function and type in "freelancer writer" or "content writer" and filter by location, experience level, and industry. You can also join writing groups on LinkedIn to network with other writers and potentially find job opportunities through connections.


More and more journalists are leaving the confines of the newsroom to work as freelancers. If you have a passion for journalism and writing news articles, has a large gig board that you can browse to pitch news stories or find freelance writing opportunities.

17. Freelance Writing Gigs

On the hunt for a freelance writing gig? Well, type in Freelance Writing Gigs, and you'll find this job board of daily writing gigs and online job postings. With categories ranging from blogging, copywriting, technical writing, to even grant writing - you're sure to find something here!

Quick tips for building a career in freelance writing via websites 🚀

While the sites above unlock lots of paid writing opportunities, check out these key suggestions to further develop your freelance business:

Create an online portfolio site - A professional portfolio website highlighting top articles, client logos, and reviews helps convert prospects. Show off your skills and give them a taste of what's to come!

Get comfortable with pitching cold to ideal clients - Email relevant brands directly with custom article ideas to build relationships from scratch.

Network with fellow writers and build community - Join writing groups on Facebook, LinkedIn, etc. to exchange tips on high-quality clients.

Offer discount intro packages - Draw in first-time buyers with bundled writing services at lower rates to wow them.

Specialize in a profitable niche - Become an expert content producer in high-earning fields like finance, tech, and healthcare.

Upsell added services - Eventually provide specialties like editing, fact-checking, and content strategy to increase project value.

The best site for vetted writing gigs? Contra!

So, you've got some homework to do in finding the right freelance writing website for your career - but where do you begin? Why not give Contra a try and see just how easy it is to create the career of your dreams writing for high-value clients?

Contra utilizes a powerful community and job board engine to instantly connect qualified writers with clients based on niche, skills, portfolio samples, and other attributes. You can create an AI-powered portfolio with Portfolio Magic and watch as clients make their way to you, or you can browse through the constantly updated job board for new and exciting projects.

One of the best features of Contra is its focus on quality over quantity. We carefully vet each client and project before it is posted to ensure that writers are working with reputable businesses and receiving fair compensation for their work. This not only helps to protect writers, but also allows them to build a portfolio of high-quality work that they can be proud of.

So why wait? Sign up for Contra today and start building your freelance writing career!


Got lingering questions about writing for websites as a career? This FAQ covers some key points:

Is paid online writing jobs legit?

Yes, there are countless legitimate websites hiring writers in all types of niches, from blogging to technical writing. Do research on client reputation and writer pay rates when assessing opportunities.

How do I create a website for content writing?

Use an intuitive, affordable website builder like Wix or WordPress to make a portfolio site showcasing writing samples, client logos, services, and reviews to impress prospective clients.

Does a content writer need a website?

Having an online presence with a website highlights your expertise and credentials much more than relying solely on LinkedIn or writing platform profiles. Help prospects engage with your work.

How can I do content writing online?

Many websites like Contra, Contently, Scripted, and Constant Content connect writers with paid, remote content creation gigs across every topic. Build up your portfolio, then apply for projects that match your niche and interests.

How much do website writers get paid?

Rates vary greatly by client budget and writing niche, but expect between 5-25 cents per word for general website copy and more for specialized technical documentation requiring research.

Do I need an LLC for freelance writing?

You can start as a sole proprietor. Eventually, establishing an official business entity like an LLC provides liability protection and tax advantages as your income grows.

Can I hire someone to write my website?

Yes, there are expert freelance writers and writing agencies available to handle everything from blog posts to product descriptions. Define the key messaging, topics, deadlines, and budget for your site, then hire accordingly.

Who writes for websites?

All types of seasoned business writers, content strategists, niche bloggers, journalists, and more make a living crafting custom website content for brands big and small!

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