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Ben Huffman
· 3 min read

Freelancers in the Contra community tell us that building, editing, launching, and updating a portfolio can sometimes feel overwhelming. After all, not everyone is a designer and developer and copywriter and marketer and loves being their own hype person. (Although some of you are, and we think you’re all brilliant no matter what.) 

That’s why we built Portfolio Magic, our secret weapon for helping you easily launch a portfolio in minutes (not months).

With Portfolio Magic, AI-powered tools for freelancers let you make customized portfolios fast, designed to get you discovered and grow your business. Then, you can show off your work, manage contracts, get clients, and get paid commission-free—all from your portfolio. Learn more about Contra Portfolios here.

Build your profile in seconds, turn it into a portfolio, and launch in minutes. Here’s how it works:

Generate your key content with assistive AI tools

Answer a few questions about what you do and what makes you special when setting up your profile, then the tool will generate a bio, professional one-liner, project titles, and service titles that are designed to drive interest and convert leads. You get multiple options, and can regenerate if you want more.

Import links from anywhere and magically format to a project

Freelancers often have work posted across the web, and it can be time-consuming to upload that to another site to have your work in one place. With Portfolio Magic, you can import content from anywhere on the web and it will automatically populate on Contra. Just use the import tool to load a URL from any other site  (like LinkedIn, Instagram, Medium, GitHub, or wherever you show off your work now), which creates a project on your profile in seconds. 

Spin up a portfolio 

Once your profile is done, launch a portfolio that’s designed to show off what matters most to clients, drive engagement, and close deals. We’ve rigorously tested our template designs to see what drives results, all you need to do is pick which fits your style (and customize to match your brand). All templates are designed to work for freelancers and highlight what’s best about you.

Start designing your portfolio here. Customize to make it your own, if you’d like, then publish.

And voilà! You now have a stunning portfolio that you can share with quickly generated social assets. Learn more about Contra’s sharing experience here ⬇️

Your guide to Contra’s new shareable assets 📱

You can now create social assets showing off your portfolio quickly and easily, then download them to share across key platforms.

Ready to try Contra? Sign up for Contra for free at contra.com to start your freelance journey.

Want to go pro and unlock all the benefits of a Contra Portfolio? Learn more about Contra Pro features here or become a Contra Pro member here.

Ben Huffman
I build digital products for independents
Co-founder at Contra.com. Passionate about startups, product design, animation, all things product growth.

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