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Creator Matchmaker: Unleash Influencer Awesomeness!

Seeking the perfect match between your brand and top-tier influencers and creators? 🎯

Look no further! Creator Matchmaker is here to sprinkle magic and connect you with an A-list curated crew that will turn your brand into an absolute sensation.

What's the scoop with creators? 💡

They're the heroes of user-generated content, everyday legends who dish out authentic and relatable content about your products or services.

By teaming up with them, you'll showcase your goodies through real experiences and genuine opinions, creating an unstoppable bond with your target audience

💥 At Creator Matchmaker, we're on a mission to play cupid between your brand and the hottest influencers and creators out there. Say goodbye to swiping left on mismatched partnerships—we've got your back with carefully vetted lists that are a match made in heaven for your brand's vision.

🔎 Our crew of experts rolls up their sleeves and dives deep into research to uncover influencers and creators who perfectly embody your brand's values, aesthetics, and target audience.

We've got our fingers on the pulse of industry insights and trends to deliver a list that will boost your brand's visibility and skyrocket engagement.

The 50 influencer and/or creator list includes:

  • Their contact info (first and last name, and email address)
  • Social media handles (Instagram Reels, TikTok, and YouTube Shorts)
  • A personalized sentence to spice up your cold emails with an extra dose of authenticity.
  • Plus, we've got the juicy social metrics for each platform, like follower counts, engagement rates, average video views, likes galore, and even an estimated watch time.

⏱️ We understand the value of time, so we're all about efficiency. Within just 7 business days, you'll receive your curated list of influencers and creators, primed and ready for you to hit the ground running and embark on a journey of epic brand collaborations.

Who's our dream team? 🫂

Creator Matchmaker is the ultimate matchmaker for startups, small businesses, big corporations, and agencies. It doesn't matter if you're a newbie or a seasoned pro—our service is here to help anyone crave remarkable partnerships with influencers and creators who'll crank up the volume on your brand message.

Ready to infuse your brand with influencer stardust? Creator Matchmaker is your secret weapon for unforgettable collaborations. Get in touch with us today and brace yourself for an exhilarating ride into the realm of authentic brand storytelling.

Let's make magic happen, amigxs! ✨

What's included

  • List of 50 creators/influencers

    You'll get a curated collection of 50 top-notch influencers and creators.

  • The creator's contact info

    First and last name + email address (if available)

  • Social media handles

    In the past, we've mainly focused on Instagram, TikTok, YouTube, and Twitter. But you choose your social channels that you would like us to focus on.

  • A personalized sentence

    We'll include a personalized sentence to spice up your cold emails with an extra dose of authenticity.

  • General metrics

    We've got the juicy social metrics for each platform, like follower counts, engagement rates, average video views, likes galore, and even an estimated watch time.

  • Ready to work with them!

    You'll receive the list, and you'll be able to start working with them right away!



Jacob Barkey • Sawmill Creative

Client • Oct 31, 2023

Working with Paula was great. She is quick and very thorough!

Paula is fantastic to work with! She is very responsive and professional, but the best part is that she is a problem solver and incredibly self-motivated. She is a great partner for any business.

Client • Jan 5, 2024

Zoë Colivas • Contra

Client • Oct 2, 2023

Zoë at Contra hired Paula and recommends working with them

Oriana Roa

Client • Sep 6, 2023

It's been a pleasure working with Paula! Paula is amazing and understanding; she knows what she is doing, has a keen eye for detail, and always responds with warmth and enthusiasm. Thank you for your marvelous work so far. Very much needed.

Samantha Taylor

Client • Jun 22, 2023

Paula is an absolute powerhouse to work with. I cannot say how much I appreciate her hard work (she has saved me from many long days). Not only does she do her scope of work, but she goes beyond by adding in thoughtful ideas. She is a pro-active go-getter and social media all-star. If you are thinking about working with Paula, GO FOR IT. You won't regret it.

Veronica Di Polo

Client • Jan 2, 2023

Paula has been key in implementing a modern branding, sleek design, and innovative social media campaigns for my business. Always with a great attitude, punctual and organized. During our weekly brainstorming session, she always brings fresh and new ideas to our social media strategy meetings. Paula’s attention to detail and impeccable design taste has made our branding stand out and be unique. Working with Paula has been a game changer, she understands our ideal client.

Nouran Shehata • Noura

Client • Oct 2, 2022

Creative and organized

Good work

Client • Oct 25, 2022

Awesome work

Client • Nov 22, 2022


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