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✨ Engage, capture and convert with a responsive Framer landing page

Great design is as much about art as it is solving problems for clients. Landing pages are an opportunity to engage and capture potential clients as leads, or better convert prospective end users into paying customers.

Your brand will ultimately rely on professional web design to achieve this.

✨ Why work with me?

I have graduated a specific course focused entirely on conversion rate optimisation for Web Design with high honours.

I have worked with a international brands on a professional basis for just over ten years in over 20% of the world's countries, garnering 250+ 5-star reviews in the process.

My goal is to build websites and landing pages optimised for digital success - you will get a landing page built to perform.

Let's get your landing page developed and deployed today!

✨ The process
  1. Pre-Production: We will start with industry research, design mood boards, collating assets and preparing the mock-up designs in Figma.
  2. Production: Your approved design will be built out in Framer.
  3. Post-Production: From responsiveness, to SEO performance tweaks and social media optimisation, your landing page will be built for success.
✨ FAQs
  • Will you set up links and buttons to work? Yes, so long as I know where they should be linked to I will set up the page to full working order.
  • Do you continue to offer support beyond delivery? Yes, contact me anytime!
  • Do you include revisions? Yes, we will work together until you are happy. Until then, we will continue to work together on getting your landing page designed.

What's included

  • Design: Mockup and Prototype

    You will get a design in Figma of your landing page to get an early glimpse of how the final web page will look and perform.

  • Development: Responsive Landing Page in Framer

    You will get a website landing page built with responsiveness in mind in Framer.

  • Responsiveness

    I will ensure your landing page is not only great on desktop, but also responds well to any screen size and device. This is essential with the vast majority of users being mobile users.

  • Load, Interaction and Scroll Animations

    To "boost" the engagement rate and interactivity of your landing page, I will add subtle animations to keep interest throughout the scroll.

  • On-Page SEO Optimisation

    Setting up the meta information and ensuring great metrics for performance and results on search engines using Lighthouse and SEOCheck.



Joanna Byers

Client • Nov 9, 2023

Sam was brilliant to work with, from the moment I set out my requirements he was responsive, encouraging and skilled at putting together the tasks I needed help with, and directing me on how I might develop things further independently. All the while his communication was excellent and prompt. I highly recommend working with Sam and would not hesitate to seek his advice in the future if needed.

Mehrad Torkian

Client • Aug 26, 2023

Sam always goes above and beyond with his work, his communication is excellent throughout the process and I will be definitely using him again. Great guy to work with too :)

Jacob Strauss • Gumbo

Client • Aug 26, 2023

Sam is an exceptional web and graphic designer with a knack for user experience and SEO. Using Figma, he transformed our website with visually striking and user-friendly designs. Not only was he responsive, but he also delivered ahead of schedule. I definitely recommend Sam's services and will be working with him on future projects.

I hired Sam to create a new vision for one of my software products, to form a complete set of brand guidelines and a website. Sam is exceptionally good at understanding your needs and his communication is impeccable. He continually reviews his work with me to ensure we are both on the same page. As a result of his initial work, I have asked him to start work on further software products in my portfolio. I would highly recommend Sam for any branding or graphic design work.

Florian Bohnert • Syyx

Client • Aug 26, 2023

I've been working with Sam for multiple years, and what started as a small, simple two-day job evolved into a great partnership. We are often in touch as Sam is always available and ready to rock. I have been a fan of his minimalist style since the beginning and I think he delivers good work, on time and on budget. Looking forward to many more projects together!


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