Molly Brooks

UX Designer
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Aqueduct provides a water utility management software that enables all the critical workflows required to provide clean, potable water.

In order to reduce the operational challenges in maintaining water and wastewater utilities, Aqueduct decided to invest in a UX design project to built an intuitive platform that offers sample scheduling, reporting templates, work orders, and an asset database all in a centralized location.


Our goals were to build a sampling schedule interface that helps managers stay ahead of regulatory compliance with automated notifications and alerts, increase efficiency through data reporting templates, consolidate work orders and employee assignments into a single platform, and maintain UI standardization under Flowbite UI guidelines.


To achieve these goals, we began by receiving user feedback from Aqueduct's users, which identified pain points and areas for improvement in the current process. Most users agreed that their current methods of water management was disorganized, left room for error, and consumed too much time.

Based on this feedback, we built a task assignment interface that can be accessed directly from work orders. We designed a calendar and alert system to keep users on top of regulatory compliance by automating tasks and alerts. We built a responsive interface under the Flowbite design system so users can easily access process control templates and collect data on site.

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