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The Why 🔮

Have you ever blurred the lines between fiction and reality?

Are we a product of the media we consume, or do we gravitate to the type of content in which we see ourselves reflected?

Is the universe of film, tv, music, and books an imitation of life, or does life aim to resemble these artistic representations?

GIF from my first video.

The answer to these questions is an ongoing journey in my mind 🧠

So, to try to find a way to make sense of how we narrate ourselves, how we rewrite our own stories or how we construct our identities through the pieces of content we engage with, I have embarked on developing a YouTube channel in 2023 dedicated to exploring many of the different interests that appear progressively in my life:

Films 🎞️

Music 🎸

Books 📚

TV Shows 📺





...what arises in the future.

The Little Women's book, Greta Gerwig and the movie "Little Women" as inspiration.

What drives me to have this channel? 🎥

a) The prospect of learning how to create content from scratch (from the initial script to the final edit) motivates me to birth this digital space 👩‍💻

b) The possibility of talking about the pieces of content or the people behind those creations that inspire me to want to create in any form of art possible 🎨

c) The challenge of putting myself out there and exploring all the questions, topics and ideas that are within me and sharing them can help me connect with others 🤝

Hi, it's me!

The main goals behind the Between Fiction and Reality YouTube Channel 🎯

➡️ During the journey of creating videos, I hope to find and live by the strength that can be developed from deciding to write your narrative ✍️

➡️ The end goal is to create a space where we can all see the importance of having referential pieces of art and creators to shine a light on what our life can look like in the future ✨

What does my creative process look like? 🔥

1. Reflect on the last piece of content I have engaged with.

2. Create a script that delves into the topics or questions extracted from it.

3. Plan the filming process with the editing timing in mind.

4. Film the clips for the video and download any relevant footage for the final product.

5. Edit the video with all the material plus music and any sound effects or animation required to make the video's message come across as clearly as possible.

Examples of Content 🎬

Timeline of the achievements with the channel (updated monthly) 🗓️

May 2023 - 1 Subscriber ✅

June 2023 - 8 Subscribers ✅

July 2023 - 10 Subscribers ✅

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