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Celia Mesa

Video Editor
Social Media Manager
Content Creator
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🚀 About the Startup

💡Content Goals

Humanizing the partnership's content and helping the brand position itself through its presence on its social platforms (LinkedIn, YouTube and website powered by WordPress).

In order to do so, as a Content Manager I:

  1. Focused on generating pop-culture-driven visual content for YouTube (Digital Partnerships Shot) and LinkedIn (News, Jop Opportunities, Memes).
  2. Created written pieces (interviews with experts and articles around partnership opportunities) that brought short-term and long-term value to our audience.
  3. Repurposed interview content into 1-minute summary videos with subtitles to attract audiences to our articles.
  4. Planned content to be shared on a daily basis on our LinkedIn profile and weekly on our YouTube and website channels.
  5. Tracked activity on our YouTube, LinkedIn and Web platforms and responded to comments generated by our audience on our social media posts.

📌 Types of Content

Summary of the types of content generated for

🎥 Visual Examples

LinkedIn Posts

Screenshots of the different posts shared on LinkedIn.

Digital Partnerships Shot

Learn From The Best

👨‍💻 Testimonial

Testimonial left on LinkedIn by the CEO of, Marcelo Núñez.

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