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Agneta-Camelia Petruta

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✧ Introducing VIDA: A Geospatial Visionary

At the forefront of geospatial innovation stands VIDA, a company dedicated to enhancing infrastructure impact and sustainability; that embarked on a rebranding journey to amplify its market presence and instill trust in its services..

My Contribution to Their Brand: Crafting the Logo and Beyond

My objective was to infuse VIDA's identity with a contemporary essence that resonates with their audience while highlighting their innovative spirit.

Here's a snapshot of the transformative endeavors undertaken:

✧ Logo Refinement: I meticulously reworked VIDA's logo, infusing it with a modern, tech-inspired twist that captures the spirit of innovation.

✧ Guiding Brand Framework: The creation of a comprehensive Branding Book laid the foundation for a consistent and impactful brand presence across diverse communication avenues.

✧ Visual Synergy: By fostering a unified visual identity, I aimed to underline VIDA's commitment to innovation and professionalism across all platforms.

This rebranding voyage encapsulates VIDA's journey of evolution, conveying their geospatial prowess through a refreshed and engaging visual narrative.

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