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Gagandeep Singh

Data Scraper
Fullstack Engineer
Web Developer
SEO Scout

Project Goal:

The objective was to enhance the stability of the SeoScout App, initially built on Laravel 5 with outdated libraries, by upgrading to the latest Laravel version. Additionally, my task involved developing new functionalities within the Site Testing section to improve the app's performance and user experience.


  • Laravel Upgrade:
    • Updated the legacy codebase from Laravel 5 to Laravel 8, ensuring compatibility and leveraging the latest features and security improvements of the framework.
  • Feature Development:
    • Designed and implemented new features in the Site Testing section, including bulk site testing capabilities, to enhance the app's functionality and efficiency.
  • Bug Fixing:
    • Identified and resolved numerous bugs within the Laravel framework, significantly improving the app's stability and performance.
  • Code Optimization:
    • Refactored and optimized existing code to improve efficiency, readability, and maintainability, adhering to best practices in software development.


Successfully modernized the SeoScout App's infrastructure, introducing advanced features and addressing critical issues to deliver an improved and more reliable application.

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