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Mauricio Gonzalez

Web Designer
Growth Marketer
Webflow Developer


Legaltech Revolution, by Lemontech, featured top industry experts discussing Mexican legal tech and the future of legal innovation.


  • 1x Landing Page
  • Integration with payments platform


Hero Section

Hero section: The revolution concept was conceived in the logo as a spiral made of rectangles, using the branding colors. After lots of trial and error, we decided to include this branding concept in the hero section.

Speakers Section

Speakers: The branding of the event also goes strong on each of the speaker's thumbnails. We used color overlays for speaker pictures since each speaker sent either color pictures or black-and-white pictures. This way we achieved consistency with the design and solved the problem of having different colors for each picture.

Tickets Section

Tickets section: Users could also purchase event tickets through the website. 2 cards were added to present different ticket categories (in-person or streaming).

Slider Section

Slider: At the end of the landing page, we included a simple slider featuring highlights of the event. The branding element in this section was the spiral concept included in the background.

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