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Shelayah Robinson

Web Designer
Adobe Photoshop
Adobe XD

Color Palette for Lovely Skincare Website

Color Palette

I wanted to choose a minimalist feel with my colors so I decided upon these. Sort of calm but bold colors. I did want to include a bold color when designing the website.

Lovely Homepage


When designing this project I wanted to try something different, instead of including a header, I wanted to just have the text. All the pictures are from pexel bay. and I did have to edit the images in Adobe Photoshop to bring more life to it. For this website, I wanted to have a drop down for products. I also wanted to add a shopping care so the user can complete their shopping.

image before editing in photoshop
About Section

I wanted to include a small gallery for the consumer to scroll throw while looking at the about page. This is also a reminder for me to know what to add in the development process.

Best Selling Products for Consumer to Look At

Shop Area for Products

I am currently developing the functionality of the website and will update this section. But for now this concludes my web design process.

Full functionality of the website is now available:

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