Mock-up Website Design: XPRSSNS Fashion

Shelayah Robinson

Web Designer
Adobe XD

Draft Website Design

For this website I wanted to do a website for fashion. And I wanted to challenge myself to do all platforms not just web. So I designed for mobile and tablets. With this in mind I wanted to start out with a logo:


I also wanted the color palette to be similar to what was in the logo but not super dark, wanted it to stand out, whilst also giving it that feel of being a minimalist fashion website.

Color Palette

This is the homepage of the fashion shop website on all platforms:

Mobile, Tablet and Web homepage

Underneath the home page I wanted to add a trending page so that consumers can see what is currently trending. I also added some keywords as a reminder for myself to know what to add when i get into the developing part of the website. It would display the price, and when the cursor is over it it would zoom in a smidge. And of course a clickable gallery.

About Screen on All Platforms
Shop page on all platforms
News & Update on all platforms

Footer on all platforms
Menu Screen when you click the bars
Cart Page Layout

This concludes the web design process of this website. I plan on adding an add to card function, as well as functionality on the website fairly soon.

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