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🚀 Project Overview

Cosmicbase landing page

🌐 Project Overview

Cosmicbase - a startup pioneering fractional investment, aiming to creating a MODERN dynamic waitlist website to gather leads and build anticipation ahead of their official launch. Reached out to me to help bring their vision to life.

The goal was to establish a strong foundation for user engagement and acquisition, laying the groundwork for a successful market entry.

  • Client's primary goal: A simple yet catchy and modern dark theme waitlist website to gather leads, educate & expose potential leads to the world of experiential investing.
  • Key focus: Integrate interactive and fun (Rive) animations that conveys finance and at the same time gives the website visitors a feel of the process of fractional investment.

🎯 Scope of work

As the lead designer (and Runtime developer), my responsibilities encompassed conceptualizing, collaborating, designing, and animating the interactive assets that go on the website. The project required seamless integration with the client's vision and marketing strategies while incorporating Rive animations to attract and retain potential users.

🧪 The Process

The project kicked off with in-depth research into the target audience and competitors, informing our design strategy.

Close collaboration with the client, other designer & developer associated with the project ensured alignment with their vision and objectives throughout the development cycle.

🛠️ Technologies Used

  • Figma
  • Rive
  • After Effects

🏆 Client Testimonial

"Collaborating with Cayo on our project was great. His dedication, positive attitude, and creativity not only improved the quality of our work but also made the entire process more enjoyable and worthwhile."

📸 More Screenshots from the live website!

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