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Melanie Ortega

Web Designer
Social Media Marketer
Adobe Illustrator

The Farmlink Project is a non-profit working to bring surplus food from farmers to food banks in need across the United States. Its mission is to end food insecurity and become obsolete. Every $100 they raise can feed three families of four for a month.

Here are some of the things I've worked on:

Web design and copywriting

Copywriting for a new landing page highlighting fellowship positions

Newsletter main image design

Email newsletter designs

Announcing The Farmlink Project accepting cryptocurrency donations
Sharing The Farmlink Project's recent feature on the Ellen Degeneres show

See the feature here

Policy team email explaining The Farmlink Project's model

Graphic design and content creation

Social media content for The Farmlink Project
Social media content for The Farmlink Project

62,269,991 lbs of food moved. 40,907,240 lbs of CO2 emissions prevented. 51,833,657 meals delivered.

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