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Molly Brooks

Visual Designer
Webflow Developer


Agriful is an inventory and management platform for the produce industry.

After working with us on a UX design and UI systems project, Agriful came back for a website to create a public online presence for their brand and help reach their audience.


Our goals were to design a clean and minimal website that would showcase Agriful's main selling points, attract new users, and portray Agriful as attractive to investors. It was important that the site carry over the same brand colors and styles from their platform, and maintain a similarly reduced level of information present at one time.


To achieve these goals, we followed the existing brand identity to align with the Agriful platform, including Material UI standardization. We built custom product mockups, designed elegant site interactions, and wrote brand-specific copy to convey an appropriate voice and tone.

A potential challenge that Agriful anticipated was that produce distributors would not want to switch from a familiar process to a foreign, complicated software system. For this reason, we intentionally chose images for the site that are representative of Agriful's user demographics.

To carry over the simplified information approach of the platform, we designed a tabbing structure on the site to show the product features one-by-one and reduce information overload.

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