Sleepio Redesign

Catherine Song

Visual Designer
Product Designer
Adobe Illustrator
Adobe Photoshop
Big Health

Company: Big Health

Timeline: 2022-2023

Team size: ~7 members

Role: Art Director, Illustrator, Storyboard artist

Context: Sleepio is a digital treatment for people struggling with insomnia. Unlike other programs, Sleepio uses evidence-based techniques to get to the root of the problem and provides lasting results. Users are given short pieces of content in the form of: animated videos, text modals, quizzes and audio sequences to provide them with psycho-education and techniques on how to improve their sleep.

Goal: Being a decade old program, the majority of Sleepio focused on web content and was in need of a huge lift. Working with the creative director, content designers, clinicians and more, our goal was to do a complete redesign of both content and visual design so that the product was more accessible and relatable for the greater population.

I led the visual redesign of characters, colors and backgrounds and worked with content designers and animators to revamp our scripts and animated videos

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