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serhan sari

Backend Engineer
Cloud Infrastructure Architect
Data Engineer
AWS Lambda

● Proficient with container systems like Docker and container orchestration with Kubernetes and worked with Terraform.

● Managed Docker orchestration and Docker containerization with Kubernetes

● Designed architectural frameworks solutions for SaaS that best suits client web application hosting demands in AWS cloud platform, leveraging AWS

services such as S3, Lambda, API Gateway, SQS, SNS

● Used AWS Glue to define ETL jobs(converted data into a standardized schema, filter out irrelevant data, join data from different sources and performed

other data manipulations)

● Used AWS Glue to load data into Amazon Redshift and datalake after is transformed.

● Used AWS Glue to run periodically to keep the data warehouse and datalake up-to-date with new data coming into the sources

● Wrote unittest and integration test with pytest and moto

● Develop key application components using Python (Flask) and RESTful architecture.

● Used React and react-hooks to build application responsive front-end

● Developed CLI version of userspaces API

● Performed monitoring and security-related enhancement (New Relic)

● Worked on the CICD pipeline with Jenkins, Git, SonarQube, Eratacode, Checkmarx

● Worked with SQL database (Postgres) and Snowflake

● Used splunk to check application logs

● Integrated New Relic Monitoring into our applications (API, SCAN, PROCESSES)

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