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Gabriel & Co.

Client Overview:

Gabriel & Co. is an esteemed jewelry brand known for its elegant designs and superior craftsmanship. With a legacy of creating meaningful pieces that celebrate life's most precious moments, the brand sought to expand its digital reach and engage with a broader online audience. To achieve these goals, I collaborated with Gabriel & Co.'s digital marketing team to implement a comprehensive digital marketing strategy, including eye-catching web banners, informative e-books, and video content.


The primary objective of this collaboration was to bolster Gabriel & Co.'s online visibility, drive website traffic, and establish the brand as a trusted authority in the jewelry industry. Through the implementation of strategic digital marketing initiatives, including captivating web banners, promo videos, and compelling e-books, I aimed to attract potential customers, retain existing ones, and foster a deeper connection with the brand.


  1. Compelling Web Banners: I designed captivating web banners that showcased Gabriel & Co.'s exquisite jewelry collections. Each banner featured stunning visuals, clear calls-to-action, and engaging copy, enticing visitors to explore the brand's offerings further.
  2. Informative E-Books: To position Gabriel & Co. as a thought leader and resource in the jewelry niche, I created an informative e-book guide that delved into educating the audience on how to select the perfect piece for special occasions.
  3. Content Creation: I created engaging content that resonated with Gabriel & Co's audience. Each promo video was tailored to align with the overall marketing strategy and uphold the brand's tone and style according to the campaign.


Web Banner Design and Implementation:

In close collaboration with Gabriel & Co., I embarked on the creation of visually captivating web banners, aiming to make a powerful impact on their digital presence. Through meticulous design and careful consideration of the brand's aesthetics, I crafted web banners that truly showcased the elegance and allure of Gabriel & Co.'s jewelry collections.

Not only were they incorporated into Gabriel & Co.'s own website to enhance its visual appeal and engagement, but they also found a home on the websites of their 1,200 partnered retailers. This strategic move amplified the brand's reach, allowing Gabriel & Co. to connect with a wider audience and extend its influence in the industry.

The successful integration of these captivating web banners into Gabriel & Co.'s digital ecosystem not only elevated the brand's online presence but also forged stronger connections with existing and potential customers. This collaborative effort brought forth a visually enchanting experience for visitors, leaving an indelible impression and driving engagement throughout the brand's extensive network of retailers.

E-Book Creation:

I collaborated with Gabriel & Co.'s esteemed Content Writers and Copywriting Team, and I embarked on the creation of an impactful and compelling e-book. As a collaborative effort, we pooled our expertise to craft an e-book that would not only inform but also captivate the brand's discerning audience.

Beyond the well-crafted content, we took great care in designing the e-book to be visually stunning and user-friendly. The thoughtfully selected layouts, complemented by captivating imagery and aesthetically pleasing typography, offered an immersive reading experience that held readers' attention throughout the 63 pages.

Upon its completion, the content-rich e-book emerged as a valuable resource for readers, providing them with a deeper understanding of the world of fine jewelry and empowering them to make informed choices. Moreover, within these pages, the subtle reinforcement of the brand's expertise, craftsmanship, and devotion to creating cherished pieces was evident, solidifying Gabriel & Co.'s position as a trusted and admired authority in the industry.

Preview of the e-book

Content Creation:

To strengthen its digital presence and engage a wider audience, Gabriel & Co. enlisted the expertise of the creative team to craft captivating promo videos and content. Working closely with the team, I ensured that each piece resonated with the brand's audience, aligning seamlessly with the overall marketing strategy while upholding the brand's distinct tone and style.

My focus was on evoking a timeless charm in the videos, reflecting Gabriel & Co.'s renowned craftsmanship and artistry. The collaboration's primary objective was to enhance brand visibility, allure potential customers with the jewelry collections, and forge deeper emotional connections with existing patrons. Tasked with this mission, I delivered a series of high-quality promo videos and captivating content that showcased the brand's masterpieces, encompassing the essence of Gabriel & Co.'s core values.

Gabriel & Co. Promo Video
Mother's Day 2023 Promo Video Campaign


Gabriel & Co. strategically integrated the digital content I delivered into a comprehensive multichannel marketing approach, deploying them across the brand's website, email campaigns, and social media platforms. This cohesive approach ensured consistent brand messaging and maximized audience reach.

The implementation of our comprehensive digital marketing strategy delivered exceptional results for Gabriel & Co.:

  • Increased Website Traffic: The captivating web banners drove a significant increase in website traffic, attracting potential customers and encouraging them to explore the brand's collections.
  • Enhanced Brand Authority: The informative e-book positioned Gabriel & Co. as a trusted authority in the jewelry industry, building credibility and trust with the audience.
  • Improved Customer Engagement: The multichannel marketing approach boosted customer engagement, as evidenced by increased social media interactions, email open rates, and content downloads.
  • Increased Brand Engagement: The promo videos and content sparked immense interest among the target audience, leading to a surge in website traffic, social media interactions, and shares.
  • Boosted Sales and Conversions: The captivating visuals and storytelling within the videos had a significant impact on conversions, resulting in a noticeable increase in sales for Gabriel & Co.
  • Strengthened Brand Loyalty: The emotionally resonant content fostered a deeper connection with existing customers and garnered new followers, solidifying brand loyalty.
  • Industry Recognition: The videos and content garnered recognition within the jewelry industry, enhancing Gabriel & Co.'s reputation as an industry leader.


The strategic execution of digital marketing initiatives, coupled with visually appealing web banners, video content, and informative e-books, played a pivotal role in elevating Gabriel & Co.'s brand presence and engagement. By harnessing the power of digital channels, we successfully connected the brand with a broader audience, established its authority in the industry, and generated meaningful results. The seamless integration of these digital deliverables into the brand's digital ecosystem created a cohesive and impactful online presence, positioning Gabriel & Co. for continued success in the competitive world of jewelry marketing.

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