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Marlene Becerril

Content Creator

In collaboration with: Nick Ashkenis (Copywrite) + Luka Baramishvili (Landing page development) + Natalia Ibarcena (Branding/site design) + Tadhg Gorman (Copywrite)

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Project Description

Circular is an app-based mockup developed to connect users with the proper resouces and information needed to locate recycling locations in the area, identify and inform users of proper disposal and recycle.

An essential tool for everyday life.

App features:

Circular app will locate the nearest recycling center for users

Using a photo scanning tool, the Circular app can identify proper disposal methods for scanned products

Circular app will feature a dedicated community board section, where its members will share resources about how to recycle and compost your residues.



The overall goal of the Circular app is to create an easy-to-use and understand application for users needing recycling and disposing services in their local area.


The final deliverable for this project will be a well-designed fully functional, responsive website, that includes brand strategy, communication, and identity creation.

Circular will be designed with Figma and built with React framework, hosted on Netlify in a stable and secure environment. We will also provide Prismic CMS (Content Management System) for your team to easily update content as needed.

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