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Fatima Zehra

Brand Strategist
Marketing Strategist
Creative Director
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Zehra Studio aims to harness the power of storytelling & good design to help brands expand their influence in the online world.

Every piece of content produced for the studio has been carefully ideated and crafted to ensure that it not only tells a story but also communicates the studio's ethos and offerings in a way that resonates with its target audience.

The work involves various media including copywriting for the captions, graphics & videos, videography for reels, and photography for graphic design pieces, including carousels.

Before crafting a post, the goal is to ensure that the messaging ties well with the studio's brand promise, as well as reflects its overall brand identity.

Much like with every project, I ensure there is a solid design system in place before we start producing for the brand. This includes, social media templates, typography + colours (brand guidelines). Once that is established and set up and we are ready to start producing content, I always start off with creating a list of potential topics for the coming two weeks of the social media calendar, research to ensure they're relevant to the current trends, refine them further if needed and then proceed to crafting individual pieces.

For every following round, I look at the data of the previous weeks and use it to make informed decisions regarding what content to produce next. This includes, repeating a pattern that has been performing well, iterate on it if needed and let go of any concepts that failed to perform optimally.

The results is content that looks and does good for the brand.


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