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Bart Nagel

Fullstack Engineer
Web Developer


This site, which has been up and running since way back in 2015, gets its data from a headless Prismic CMS. The back end is built on the Laravel framework in PHP, and leans heavily on a package I wrote which integrates Prismic seamlessly into Laravel's MVC patterns.

Back when this site was developed, Prismic had only a simple Rest API, and we were hitting performance issues when trying to make the many queries each page needed on demand, so I employed extensive prefetching, aggressive caching, and webhook-driven cache eviction techniques.

The templating is done in Laravel's templating language, Blade, which is (or at least was at that time) essentially a little sugar on top of PHP. I wrote quite a few custom plugins and such for Blade to improve our productivity and maintainability.

Styles are in Less, with a custom utility library predating the likes of Tailwind by a long time.


I was contracting for Tribal DDB during the development cycle for this project. If I recall correctly, the dev team for this project was just myself and one other. Tyson wrote much of the front-end layout and styling. I was mainly concerned with all the back end development and CMS data modelling, but helped in various front-end areas, particularly the events calendar page, and with date formatting logic.

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